Columbus Futsal Academy was chosen as 1 of only 16 accredited futsal clubs for the United States Youth Futsal Academy Program during the inaugural year. There are now 25 hand-selected USYF Academies proving that futsal is thriving in the United States. The USYF Academy will house year-round futsal training, league games, showcases, and Championship series with club and collegiate exposure. This 10 month program offered to players 2003-2011. Athletes train 1x/wk in the Spring and Fall and 2x/wk in the Winter and Summer. The Academy players participate in the USYF North Central Region and Columbus Futsal League competitions, as well as, the USYF Championship series and USYF Regional and National showcase. It is designed as a compliment to club soccer players or used for futsal specific athletes to accelerate through the sport. All players wanting to be on a team must register for our academy evaluations. This program is for serious futsal athletes wanting to play at the highest level. $1500/year.

NEW! Columbus Futsal High School teams offer players superior training to become more dynamic athletes and participate in an academy environment while still preparing for collegiate playing opportunities. CFA High School is open to boys and girls 2003-2006. This will mostly consist of combined U18/U17 teams and U16/U15 teams. Players train 2x/wk between High School and club soccer and will plan to compete in league games and/or as a tournament team. These teams will resume again in the summer to attend the US Youth Futsal Showcase and if invited, prep for USYF National ID camp. This program is for athletes still wanting to improve before college ID camps and committing to furthering their academic and athletic careers. They'll have opportunities to grow and develop with Columbus Futsal mens and womens top teams. This program is for athletes that love futsal and can commit to team training and competitions in a condensed format. $995/year.


Columbus Futsal Pre-Academy teams offer players superior training to become more dynamic athletes and participate in a challenging academy environment. A 14 week program open to boys and girls birth year 2012. Players train 2x/wk November-March and participate in both sessions of the Columbus Futsal League, as well as, developmentally appropriate tournaments during the season. This program is for athletes wanting to work toward playing futsal at the Academy level or improve for outdoor soccer. $750/season. Use code FALL75 for 10% OFF when registering before 8/31/2020.


Columbus Futsal Player Development teams are geared toward all levels of experience, including beginners, recreational and developmental players. A 14 week program open to boys and girls 2013-2014. Players train 1x/wk November-March and participate in the Columbus Futsal League. Tournaments are optional where this age division is offered. No evaluation is necessary. This program is to introduce athletes to build a strong foundational base of futsal fundamentals and move up through the CFA pathway. $495/season. Use code FALL10 for 10% OFF when registering before 8/31/2020.


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Columbus Futsal Academy Teams

"Play How the World Plays!"

What days do we train?
Training schedules will be made by each program director from the following information: Coach availability, coaches with multiple teams, number of players per team per court, number of courts open, accessibility to gk scheduled training. Once our evaluation period is over, you will be emailed your training schedule and TeamSnap invites.

When do we start? Click here for our CFA Annual Program Calendar.
Academy Program- 6 fall training sessions 1x per week Sept 14-Oct 23.

Full winter training begins Oct. 26, 2x/week for Academy, HS and PA. Player development (2013-2014) begins 1x/wk during this same week.

High school academy will follow the same expect probably cannot commit to 2x/wk until a week or two into November depending on post season.

When are games? Games are on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday.

Do we travel out of state? Most teams do at least once per season. The higher level team or older the age, the more you may travel. These states usually include Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. If qualify for Nationals, you’d be traveling to Kansas City in February over President's Day weekend. Almost all of our teams complete at USYF Regional Championship in January in Akron, OH and the Arnold Sports Festival in March in Columbus, OH.

Refunds? Deposits are required for acceptance and to begin the 2020/21 season. Deposits are not refundable. In the event the entire 10 months of futsal activities are canceled your deposit will go toward training allowed outdoors or virtual training. The recurring billing is not setup until October 1st and/or November 1st depending on the program. As we get closer to the season staring, we will re-examine if any restrictions are in place at that time. We understand there is a lot of uncertainty with COVID19, however, we have to plan as things would normally proceed and plan for the not so "normal." To do so, we need to know the number of committed players to abide by spacing and ReStart guidlines. Click here for info on CFA + COVID.

Sibling discounts? Yes, sibling discounts are available. 10% the first additional sibling. 20% the second additional sibling. 50% for the third sibling. Fourth or more siblings are no cost. Sibling discounts rank from most to least in cost of the program.

Do you offer financial assistance? Yes! Smaller monthly payments are offered for each program if you cannot or do not want to pay in full up front. You may qualify to receive scholarships toward tuition for our programs through the Columbus Futsal Foundation 501(c)(3). Click here to apply.


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